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Many a time, people are mostly preoccupied with the property they want to buy- specifications, aesthetics, quality etc, paying less attention to the salient details of the location. Location is a very important factor in property purchase and it is important to note that the use of the property determines the location you choose.

If you’re setting up an office, you would want to consider a commercial/industrial area as the case is, totally different from when you’re setting up a residential building.

Here are some things to consider when checking out the location for your property:

1.            Check out the location’s current and future prospects: Do your research on when the location opened up and how fast it is growing. Observe the environment and the kind of people there. Note the social amenities and infrastructural development that exist already and observe the growth. Also, do some research on the plans of the government for that area. These will help determine the prospects of such an area, which would help you make your decision.

2.            Accessibility: This is specifically important for areas that are just opening up, otherwise called ‘New Sites’. How accessible is this area to the more developed areas? In case you have to go to work, the hospital, recreational centres, schools, markets etc., how easy would the movement be? Pay attention to the road network and of course, security.

3.            Centrality: Whether for residential purposes or business, centrality is a very important location factor. Someone who plans to build a house for rent would consider this a juicy deal because people want apartments that are central to all their daily and weekend engagements. A company also wants to be in the middle of what’s happening around!

4. Neighborhood: This is solely a matter of personal choice. For example, if you want your children to grow up in an elite community, taking on the elite mindset, acquiring/building a house in Mushin, Lagos State does not cut it! It is totally far from your lifestyle choice for your kids! Same way if you want your children to grow up with a sense of community and communal relationship among neighbours like what we have at IDERA DE, some highbrow areas aren’t the best because, in those areas, it is “every man for himself” with their high gates and fences!

There are lots of factors to consider in choosing your location so much that we can’t exhaust in a single article. However, we hope that the ones we have talked about here would be useful for you. Make sure to stick around and be on the lookout for more.

It is high time we upturn the idea that people who live in city outskirts or their country homes are doing so because they can’t afford the city lifestyle. The health benefits of these are far greater than any economic statement anyone would want to make by living in the commercial hub.

Choose nature, choose peace. If you are interested in buying land and property close to nature, click here to see which one meets your needs.

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