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Land for sale in Ibadan


We are committed to ensuring that we offer you the highest quality you can imagine. We work consistently to make sure we innovate better ways to serve you. We expect more from ourselves than you do and ensure that with every interaction, you see the big picture just the way we do.


We are dedicated to achieving results for you and always being responsive to your needs in the quickest possible time.

Land for sale in Ibadan


We believe that quality beats quantity at every opportunity and strive towards ensuring that all our customers are given the best quality whether in land or building.

Who We Are

The Birthing

Long ago, the need to increase money value became evident to many, both young and old. Living in a country where the currency seemed to lose its value was for many the major reason why investment seemed to be the best solution. The question then became, “What do we invest in?” Agriculture, Oil, etc were the go to industries until the emergence of the Real Deal.

People started securing their future through property and it seemed all was well until investing in real estate presented a lot of risks. There was no quick value for money invested in returns, no guarantee bof permanence of investment and lets not get started about the dreaded additional fees after purchase.
Then came the birthing of a “MESSIAH”.

Rolad Properties and Allied Services Limited was established out of the desire to deliver quality properties in prime locations in a timely manner with excellent services. We ultimately aim to give our clients freedom and value for money.

Our Colors

Teal Green &

Teal Green

-Teal perfectly combines the calming properties of blue with renewal qualities of green which births perfectionand for us at Rolad represents Effective communication which is one of our core styles of service. Our ever welcoming and pleasant ambience is a reason why you’d want to come back again


The colour white is widely appreciated for its purifying and therapeutic qualities. At Rolad, white represents integrity

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Estate Inspection Days
Olive Court (Ibeju Lekki) Thursdays & Saturdays
Olive Court (Isiwo) Tuesdays & Saturdays
Olive Court (Epe) Tuesdays & Saturdays
Royal Gardens ( Shimawa) Wednesdays
Preston Parks and Gardens ( Moniya, Ibadan) ( Shimawa) All the days of the week for Ibadan residents
Royal Parks and Gardens (Egbeda,Ibadan( Shimawa) All the days of the week for Ibadan residents

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