Rolad Provest

Rolad ProVest (Rolad Property Investment) is a platform that enables you own a property in just nine months with a fixed payment plan.

With Rolad ProVest, you do not have to worry your head with how to save and invest in real estate. We do the job while you get your Return On Investment in the form of a plot of land with documentation at 3 of our choicest estates.

This plan is best for salary earners and individuals with stable income.

Rolad ProVest helps you save up to 22% of your money when you purchase from Greenleaf Estate and 13% when you purchase from Freedom City.

FREEDOM CITY ESTATE ₦180,000 9 Months All fees inclusive
GREENLAND IFO ₦100,000 9 Months All fees inclusive
PRESTON CITY EXTENSION ₦85,000 9 Months All fees inclusive
KINGSLAND EPE ₦120,000 9 Months All fees inclusive

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