Rolad Investment


About Rolad Investment

This is a Real Estate investment initiative that involves the acquisition and development of a large expanse of land for the purpose of building smart homes for smart Lagosian.

In fulfilling our mission to be a leading world-class team and point of reference for quality, excellent and affordable real estate services in Africa and beyond, Rolad Properties welcomes you to become a part of our movement and earn a huge return on your investment as partner on our projects.

The investment is a secured and reliable real estate investment established by Rolad properties and Allied Services Limited.

The company has a three year track record of providing affordable housing solutions to people irrespective of their income level. In 3 years, Rolad has established 23 estates, amassed over 2000 clients with 4 offices across Lagos and Ibadan.

Are you thinking of buying a unit of Real Estate Development to earn high returns on investment (ROI), create wealth, and secure a future for yourself and your family? Register to start earning with Rolad Provest Overload!


  • Up to 30% Return on Investment for 12 months.


For instance, if you invest ₦10,000,000 for a duration of 12months, you get to earn ₦3,000,000, return on investment, which would be paid at maturity in addition to your invested capital, which amounts to ₦13,000,000.


  • Register (NB: You can also register offline)
  • Make payment. (Direct Transfers only)
  • Send the duly completed form and evidence of payment to investments@roladproperties.com
  • Payment Receipt sent to your mail.

To guarantee the safety of your investments, investors get the following security documents upon investing:

  • Investment agreement
  • Deed of Assignment (Property Allocation To Hold)