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Rolad Properties

About Us

Our Pledge

To be a leading world-class team and point of reference for quality, excellent and affordable real estate services in Africa and beyond.

Our Values

Respect | Integrity | Speed | Excellence | Quality



We design with financial and legal considerations in mind

We give you detailed planning while maintaining careful oversight during the project to ensure a positive outcome

With the expertise of our project manager, design engineer and construction engineer, we manage your building from start to finish


We have a broad knowledge base in local business trends, employment, urban growth patterns, land use regulation and development which are very critical.

We possess knowledge of the economic viability of the approved land use and help you estimate the cost of development that would be required.


We can help locate your ideal property, provide creative insights and recommendations regarding the highest and best use of your land.

Ensure that your land transactions aligns with current laws and regulations that affect the sale and purchase of land.

Help you acheive the maximum return on your investment and deliver professional transaction services with speed and excellence.


Dotun Oloyede

Founder & CEO

From The MD's Desk:

We operate within the commercial, retail and residential property segments. Our journey began with sheer determination to blaze the trail in the Real Estate Market in Nigeria, Africa and across the planet earth. We pride ourselves in creating opportunities for corporate bodies and individuals in Nigeria’s real estate sector.

Built on the foundations of Respect, Integrity, Speed, Excellence and Quality as our nonnegotiable values, we have delivered real estate services to a client-base of over 2000 persons in Nigeria and beyond our shores. We have over the years built an asset base worth Millions of Dollars

What defines a developed nation? A booming GDP? Higher number of rich people in comparison to the poor? Great health facilities? Good Roads?

For us, a developed nation is one where the family, which is the smallest unit of society is able to stand on its own.

The Rolad journey started in the year 2018 with family in mind. It’s amazing how a number of 2 or 3 or 4 or more people can affect the entire nation positively or negatively, depending on how stable and comfortable they are.

Our biggest dream is reducing the housing deficit in Nigeria, so that individuals from different walks of life can comfortably afford a basic need… SHELTER.

In the words of Tony Robbins, “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”. I urge you to begin this journey to knowing about us and partner with us towards making our dream a reality.

Our Management Team

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Oluwayemisi Okunlade

Operations Manager

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Halima Lawal

Head, Admin & Investment Manager

Use Color Strategically

Teal Green

Teal perfectly combines the calming properties of blue with renewal qualities of green which births perfection and for us at Rolad represents effective communication which is one of our core styles of service. Our ever welcoming and pleasant ambience is a reason why you’d want To come back again.


The colour white is widely appreciated for its purifying and therapeutic qualities. At Rolad, white represents Integrity.

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